to do
♡completely redo about page
♡upload gifs to directory to finish graphics page
♡fix music player on spongebob page
♡finish main section layout on home page
♡moar gradients

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it's little christine!

i am christine!! i am a human being and this is my website. i am 21 years old and i really like spongebob, sanrio, kirby, dolls, mlp, old web stuff and colorful little objects. i am sort of an anxious person so i don't always interact with people first on here but pls feel free to say hi!!!

i started working on this website in january 2024 with no prior coding experience so i am learning as i go. i am here because i wanted my own customizable space online far away from curated feeds, attention span rotting short-form content, and the constant comment section arguments.

this website is being created in firefox on a 1536 x 864 screen (i use the 125% scaling bc my laptop screen is small). it may not yet be fully compatible with all browsers or screen resolutions

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6/23/24: many more changes! the whole grid is made of glass now!!! i want to eat it

6/20/24: actually i'm back. more layout changes done, i'm just working on it as i go. should also now be displaying correctly on large screens

6/19/24: i have not done any big updates on here in 9 whole days which is the longest time i've gone without doing that in Ever. i have picked up sculpting with air dry clay as a new hobby and it has been rly fun. there is still so much more to do on here so pls keep in mind the layout and design are nowhere near done but they will be one day

6/10/24: why does chrome have to have those giant ugly scroll bars by default? currently trying to fix that. if you're reading this you should download firefox

6/9/24: OH ALSO i think i finally figured out infinite marquees earlier. i put it on my buttons down at the bottom. not sure if it's displaying right on all screens but it looks perfect on my end. ok goodnight neocities

6/9/24: okay that's enough updates for today, if i keep going i'll be up til 6 am again. as always there is still more progress to make but it looks pretty damn cool so far

6/9/24: big changes today!! completely redid the main area to add more sections. can't figure out how to fix the position of this box and the wii webring thingy though

6/8/24: a lot more things done!! mostly added more unnecessary graphics to the home page. also did more work on graphics & spongebob pages but it's gonna be a bit til those are ready

6/7/24: i did a lot today, my website looks at least 30% nicer than it did 24 hours ago. i think it is actually starting to come together

6/4/24: took some links down while i work on other pages

6/3/24: changed the layout a little more and fixed a lot of stuff to display better on 1920x1080 screens

6/2/24: i added a music player to the spongebob page. i haven't used that thing since my tumblr days. i think it's a little glitchy bc it won't autoplay for me

6/1/24: i FINALLY uploaded all the pics on the homepage to my directory instead of having them hosted on postimage. now i don't have to worry about that website ever going down. idk why i didn't just do this to begin with

5/31/24: i have not felt like updating at all lately but i did add a very poorly constructed page for my "art"

i made a logo using a free font generator, considering redoing the header to maybe have that there instead?

5/23/24: i really gotta update my graphics pages, i did the layouts on those months ago so they're kinda not great looking. also changed things around so my mobile version should also be working on tablets now

5/16/24: FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!! having issues w scrollbars in chrome though

5/16/24: this website is once again broken on larger screens ;-;

i should not have just put so much time into positioning my side pics to be static...the whole background is a mess now

5/15/24: considering a url change from christinee to hello kitty

5/15/24: i think the biggest thing i need to do on here now is actually upload the pics on this site into my directory rather than linking them from postimages... bc if that site ever goes down it is so over

5/15/24: added a lot of new graphics and fixed bg image & header on larger screens

5/14/24: the update box is back! i redid part of the layout on here. still planning to add a lot more pages

4/5/2023: progress on here has been so slow the last month or so ;-; mostly because i don't wanna get burnt out working on this

4/1/2023: i think the mobile version is now fully functional? the images on desktop are responsive but the grid still is not

3/31/2024: still trying to figure out responsive design! i at least re did the site to be mobile first. things are gonna be pretty broken for a while

3/23/24: been kinda busy so taking another break on here, be back soon!!

3/20/24: need to fix marquee so it scrolls infinitely

3/20/24: working on making images more responsive, started work on spongebob page. planning to add new grid cell on homepage for other future shrines.

3/20/24: made an update box!


links to some fellow cool people here on neocities. let me know if you've added mine so i can add yours

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