future human being

"If you are reading this, you can read :3
HAIIIIII~!! I'ma soooo bored! *makez nyan cat noizez while kicking legz* lolololololol...

-my deviantart about section, 2011

welcome to my unfinished about page

my name is christine (duh), i am 21 year old lesbian and i live in iowa. i am just some lady who is trying her best to be human. my main hobbies at the moment are HTML/CSS, sculpting with air dry clay, and sometimes drawing. my biggest interests are spongebob, sanrio, barbie, kirby, animal crossing, littlest pet shop, garfield, rainbow high, retro/2000s apple, retro gaming, smiling friends, and south park. i am also deeply fascinated by things like lost media, logo history, pilot episodes, deleted scenes, unused content, and all the ways that those things apply to my interests. i've been on the internet since 2008 and i've always been really interested in coding and web design but never gave it a try until january of 2024 when i started this website. my only prior experience was with editing tumblr themes. i hope to continue learning new things that can help me make this website better and continue to give me knowledge in what i maybe hope is something i can do with my life one day.

i am a very colorful human being, as evidenced by this entire site. i love pink, glitter, sparkles, neon colors... if it's graphically intense it makes my eyes happy. i have pink hair and i like to wear as much color as possible every day. i typically like to wear crop tops, skirts, long socks, leg warmers, arm warmers, bows, dresses, and a whole bunch of accessories.

i have a kinda successful pinterest account! as of writing this i'm at 1.2k followers and 3.8m(!!!) monthly views. i post garfield panels almost every day, check it out if you're interested!

i am not exactly the most accomplished person in the world. i am not currently in college or employed. just sitting here trying to figure things out. for about the last 2 1/2 years i've been making many attempts to reclaim myself as myself after a whole bunch of really terrible interpersonal experiences as a teenager. i consider the time i've put into this website alone an accomplishment in itself. after years of nonstop social media scrolling, lack of motivation, and general exhaustion, i still can't believe i have this whole thing that i can bring myself to work on for hours on end at least three days out of the week. and i have fun doing it! i am also learning to be less afraid to talk about myself, such as right now as i'm writing this

like i said above i've recently picked up sculpting as a hobby. so far i've been making characters that i like and some little gifts for my parents and friends. i use air dry clay and some tools i got on amazon. then i sand, prime, paint with acrylics, and seal. this is also something i'm finding that i can just sit down and do for hours with my shows on in the background which is awesome

i think that's all i have for now... i'll be back to format this page better, add a bunch more stuff, and probably rewrite this. if you've taken the time to read this, thank you for processing my existence! it makes me more real.